5.Financial and market data



Market overview

Profiles consumption in the Nigerian market is roughly divided as 50% importation and 50% manufactured by the local industry. The local industry manufactures approximately 1,500 - 2,000 tonnes per month.

The major important players in the local industry market are (1) the Company - EBM, (2) Nigerian Extrusion Company Ltd - Nigalex, (3) Tower Extrusions - Towerex and (4) Priority Aluminium Ltd - Priority.

As the Nigerian construction and housing market is growing rapidly, it is only a reasonable conclusion that profiles consumption will increase accordingly.

In addition, the government plan to increase the duty on imported profiles will result with a larger market portion for the local manufacturers.

Furthermore, since the Company is the pioneer with introducing new-modern products to the Nigerian market, and since it is the only player supplies a complementary answer to all the client needs, along with technical support, under one roof, thus, the Company position as the lead player in the market will become stronger and undoubtable.

Another advantage of the Company is the location of its factory in the capital city - Abuja. While all its competitors’ factories are located in the South, around Lagos, the location of the Company’s factory is in the centre of Nigeria, in the Capital city, Abuja. This location enables the Company to dominate, geographically and commercially, in all centre and North Nigeria.

Nevertheless, the Company also has a big and vivid distribution centre in Lagos which receives products from the Company’s factory in Abuja several times a week and answers its Lagos customers’ needs.

The Company customers are both from the domestic and the international market.

Since the Company is a registered exporter, it is entitled to a subsidy from the Nigerian authorities for each export of profiles.

The Company’s Nigerian exporter’s registration certificate_副本.jpg

The Company’s Nigerian exporter’s registration certificate

The Company production capacity

The Company’s production line is designated for production of 450 tonnes of profiles per month. Actually, the same production line, located in Israel, produces the above monthly tonnes consistently. Nevertheless, due to Nigerian industrial climate, the Company expects a realistic monthly production capacity of 350 tonnes.

The factory working hours - production schedule:

The factory regularly operates during 5.5 days per week, equals to 22 days per month. When reaching full capacity, working hours will be 24 hours per day in 2 or 3 shifts without any breaks.

Initiated maintenance treatments are being executed during weekends.

The aluminium extrusion press

Calculated average production for EBM press (1600 tonnes) is 850 kg per hour.

Thus,   850kg X 22days X 24hours = 449 tons per month

Ageing oven - heat treatment

EBM Ageing oven full capacity is 600 tons of profiles per month. The ageing oven can operate continuously during the factory working hours, since at the unloading of the furnace, a new loading can begin.

Passivation line

Passivation is profiles surface chemical treatment pre-painting. EBM passivation line full capacity is much more than 600 tons of profiles per month.
Painting line

Ø Painting line with 1 painting booth will produce 200 tons of painted profiles per month.

Ø Painting line with 2 painting booths will produce 300 tons of painted profiles per month. .

Ø Painting line with two booths and a fast powder paint will produce 450 tons per month. .

Ø EBM painting line includes 2 painting booths and can produce a fast powder paint.

- When reaching a production capacity of 370 tons per month, a second painting line can be considered.


Aluminium wrapping machine can wrap up to 300 tons of profiles per month. When reaching a capacity of 300 tons of profiles per month, a second wrapping machine is recommended.


EBM delivery system is well organized and efficient. It is being supported by a well-trained ordering centre and a tailor made computer system.

EBM delivery system can support any output of the factory.